Fight escalating insurance expenses with cost-saving,
consumer driven healthcare solutions.

Reliance One helps employees offset rising healthcare costs with our cost effective Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings Accounts. Our web-based, fully integrated portals allow 24/7/365 access to account information.

Reliance One FSA and HSA administration features include:

  Employee communication materials that increase participation
  Multiple modes of access to information
  Fast and efficient enrollment processing
  Concise enrollment reports
  Accurate management of information
  Seamless FSA reimbursement process
  Efficient claims processing
  DEBIT cards
  Model plan documents

Reliance One partners with Evolution 1 and HealthcareBank to bring you the industry’s leading consumer driven healthcare account solutions that are used by 2.5 million consumers. Employers and Employees save more money by enjoying tax deductions on contribution, tax-free growth on investments and withdrawals and much more. Brokers can increase client satisfaction by adding more depth to customer’s health benefits and retirement plans. Employers and Broker can minimize overhead costs and help promote healthier lifestyle choices through increased employee involvement and use of 100% covered preventative care.

Choose Reliance One Benefit Administrator for smarter, leading-edge health insurance solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of business. Get started today by clicking here or calling 404-991-2361.

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